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Pay for the period you want and use it,
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Master Service

This product is exclusively for companies with 300 or more regular employees.

For companies with 300 or more regular workers, please contact customer service.(1566-6351)

ALL fonts for Master

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Use it for various designs such as advertisement, movie, book cover, CI/BI, etc.

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Free license without usage restrictions
  • Document
  • Print Publishing
  • Web Image
  • Advertisement
  • CI/BI
  • E-Book
  • E-Learning
  • All Videos
  • UI Design
  • Merchandising
    3D Printing
Licensing Details

Supported Programs

Adobe Creative Suite
  • - Photoshop CS 3.0 or more
  • - Illustrator CS 3.0 or more
  • - Indesign CS 3.0 or more
  • - Premiere Pro 3.0 or more

Microsoft Office
  • - Word 2003 or more
  • - PowerPoint 2003 or more
  • - Excel 2003 or more
  • - Publisher 2003 or more
윈도우 오피스

Hangeul Office
  • - Hangul(HWP) 2010 or more
  • - HanCell 2010 or more
  • - HanShow 2010 or more
한글 오피스

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • - CorelDRAW X3 (13)
  • - CorelDRAW X5 (15)
  • - CorelDRAW X4 (14)
  • - CorelDRAW X6 (16)

Microsoft Office for Mac
  • - Word 2011 or more
  • - PowerPoint 2011 or more
  • - Excel 2011 or more
맥 오피스

Apple iWork
  • - Pages 09
  • - Keynote 09
  • - Numbers 09

호환 불가 프로그램
  • 1. Video editing program: Wondershare Filmora, Vegas Pro
  • 2. Document editing program: Polaris Office
  • 3. Image editing program: GIMP, Photoscape
  • 4. Other programs: i-label 2, silhouette studio
  • · It can be used only within the available OS specified in the system information.
  • · Can be used in an environment connected to the Internet. (It may not work smoothly in an environment where there is a personal PC firewall or a company's internal security network.)
  • · In programs that do not support OTF (Open Type Font), it can be used through TTF (True Type Font).
  • · When converting to PDF from software that does not support the OTF file format, fonts may not apply smoothly.
  • · (However, if TTF is supported, font embedding of PDF files is possible.)


System specification
RixFontCloud is a PC program that supports Windows and Mac OS.
OS : Windows XP or more / Mac OS X Lion 10.7 or more
RAM : 2GB or more (memory)
HDD : 5GB or more (hard disk space)
Internet connection required
Font info
Font support may differ depending on the font.
Unicode / English 94 glyphs / KS symbols
Korean 2,350 or Korean 11,172 glyphs
Chinese 4,888 glyphs
Font info
Calligraphy is not a font file, but a vector file(Ai) that is combined with an illustration program.
Feature of product
Support TTF / OTF font
Support offline mode
It can be used smoothly while connected to the Internet and supports offline mode when the Internet is unavailable for a short period of time.
RixFontCloud service is a 1 User 1 License that is used by each user ID.
Simultaneous access of the same ID is restricted.
Individual/package products purchased in the past are not compatible with RixFontCloud.
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